Multimedia Collection
of Philippine Epics
and Ballads



This multimedia collection has been undertaken by Nicole Revel, Senior Researcher at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), as part of the Integral Study of Silk Roads: Roads of Dialogue, a Program within the Decade for Cultural Development, UNESCO (1991-2001).

For several decades, the sung narratives have been recorded and videotaped as they were performed, then transcribed and translated in collaboration with the singers of tales, scholars, and local knowledgeable persons among 16 National Communities where this verbal art is still alive today.

This program was supported by 40 grants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of France. Since 2001, the various documents have been digitized at the CNRS in Paris and Ateneo de Manila University. This collection of 8,594 pages in 34 printed volumes, 2,159 photos, 240 audio recordings, and 54 videos is housed in Pardo de Tavera Library and Special Collections, Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City.

For conservation, part of the original recordings are at the Department audiovisuel, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), in Paris as well.

This website was built thanks to the vision for Education of Ateneo's President of the time, Father Bienvenido Nebres SJ.

Since January 2011, it has been accessible and monitored in a website managed by Ateneo de Manila University. The site has been upgraded in 2023.



Caridad, leader and a chorus of 10 women for hudhud in KianganAngel Pataueg; Ma. Pinkihan (Chanter Leaders); chorus for hudhud in LagaweYusop Maksud Ambarat for sung kata-kataJaafar Injahali for sung kata-kataHaji Nur Iman for sung kata-kataSahari Saiyari for sung kata-kataBinsu Lakbaw for sung kata-kataPanglima Isnang Jorolan for sung kata-kataAra Musa, Rheim Musa, Musa Musa for sung kata-kataJimsu Sarali for sung kata-kataTaallao Manandao for kissaHaji Ismael Ibrahim for narrated kata-kataNanang Kullam for narrated kata-kataHaji Cabs Ibrahim for narrated kata-kataHabib i Khali Jainal, Brian Tubaton for narrated kissaqAdjani Tiblani for narrated kissaqJaidi Kiraq for sung kissaqMuham Julasman for parang sabil and saqilJaidi Kiraq, Mussaq Baqduli for sindilanTaallao Manandao for kissaqAlmurid Murajan for kata-kata and saqilDatuq Abdelnajer for hadithGem-gem and Fernando Lingsa for tultulVictoriana Baristol for ulagingTeodoro Saway, Datu Maleneng for ulagingVictoriana Parente Undaran for ulagingFlorena Saway for sung ulagingDelfin Parente, Irene Saway-Llesis, sung two salaFabian Dalasay for uwaegingMarcelino Tapid for tad'omDatu Sinuhoy Kaligunan for ulaging umaymanonJaime Galnawan, Dinayaw Galnawan for ullalimMatilde Daluping for ullalimSito Kayu for ullalimSusana Cagaban, Carmen Guinapon for ullalim Margarita de la Cruz leading singer + 7 chorists for pabasa ng pasyonPablo Paraw; Feliciano Montenegro; Longlong Calinawan; Berto Gede for tod'omBlinuq Bansel for lingon tudbululBadaw Wanan for lingon tudbululBaket Kinya Infiel for mamanSultan A Pitilan Acsara Miris, R.B. Malungen, M.B. Mulok for darangenSalem Guimba for darangenSultan a Mala of Butig for darangenPreciosa aka "Anggoran" Caballero for sugidanonFederico Caballero for sugidanonBuntali for tultulMasinu Intaray for tultulUsuy for tultulLinsi for tultulLintaw for tultulMyuna for tultulDangkug for tultulKariq for tultul


Lourdes Saquing Dulawan for Ifugao

Talib Lim Sangogot and Hja Massaat Sangogot for Sama

Alain Martenot, Haji Musa S. Malabong, and Talib Lim Sangogot for Sama Dilaut

Gérard Rixhon, Irene U. Hassan, Talib Lim Sangogot, Hja Massaat Sangogot for Tausug

Paul D. Jagmis, Sr., Thelma R. Martinez for Tagbanwa

Irene Saway-Llesis. Victorino Saway for Tala-andig

Margarita Cembrano for Agusan Manobo

Jose Buenconsejo for Pulahingon-Umayamnon Manobo

Jose Bunconsejo for Kalinga

Pastor Delbert Rice for Ikalahan

Luis Umali Stuart and Fernando Zialcita for Tagalog

Rita Cembrano for Mamanwa and Agusan Manobo

Elizabeth Malinog and Maria Wanan for T'boli

Abdullah Madale, Salem Guimba for Maranao

Norma Respicio for Itneg

Alicia Magos, F. Cabellero for Panay Bukidnon

Nicole Revel for Palawan

Véronique Arnaud for Tao (Botel Tobago Island, Taiwan)


Dr. John Paul C. Vergara
Vice President for the Loyola Schools
and Professor at Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS)

Ma. Rosario A. Banzon
Assistant to the President of Ateneo de Manila

Dr. Nicole Revel
Editor in Chief of the Collection

Rodolfo Allayban
Director of the University Archives (until 2010)

Lourdes David
Director, Rizal Library (until 2012)


Dr. Rosula SJ. Reyes
Project Manager and Director of Blue Chip Designs, Inc. (BCD, Inc.)

Aaron James I. Banda
Web Developer

Therence A Pabaya
Technical assistant for computer maintenance, scanning texts and photographs;
laying out manuscripts and editing scanned texts

Lina Trinidad
Assistant archivist, University Archives

Elizabeth Castillo
Assistant archivist, University Archives

Arghiro Paouri
Responsable audiovisuel de 11 units de recherche (SHS,) UPS 2259-CLT, CNRS, Villejuif

Philippe Arson
Directeur, Secteur audiovisuel du CNRS, Paris

Gerry Laroza


Dr. Maria Luz C. Vilches
Vice President for the Loyola Schools

Dr. Vernon Totanes
Director, Rizal Library

Dr. Francis Navarro
Director, University Archives

Dr. Nicole Revel
Editor in Chief of the Collection


Michael-Ali Figueroa
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Mary Anne C. Plamenio-Cortezano
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